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Bleed Blue 69

Twenty-five sexy precinct.

Spend your holidays with the brave men and women of Precinct 69  protecting citizens and stealing hearts in the Big Apple. Twenty-five  authors have joined forces to bring you their stories—some sweet, some dangerously hot—but all for a great cause. These NYC police officers will keep you warm on a winter’s night, make you sweat in the most delicious way possible, and have you wishing for your very own set of cuffs. Only further begging the question: Can anyone resist a hero in uniform?

Contributing Authors:

Glenna Maynard

Kristen Hope Mazzola

Morgan Jane Mitchell

Jenni Moen

Alexis Noelle

Rochelle Paige

Brandy L Rivers

Katherine Rhodes

Emerson Shaw

Kacey Shea

M. Stratton

Madison Street

Felicia Tatum

Alexis Alvarez

Josie Bordeaux

Rebecca Brooke

Emme Burton

M.C. Cerny

Sarah M. Cradit

Chelle C. Craze

Jami Denise

Lisa Edward

Mary Catherine Gebhard

ZB Heller

Vanessa Marie


Bleed Blue 69 is only available at signings

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