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Ripped: A Heartwarming Second Chance Romance
Six years ago, I was supposed to meet Bax in New York.
We were supposed to make it big on Broadway together.
I didn’t even make it to the airport.

But years later, I’m finally on my way to the Big Apple.
I hurt him, I know. But I can’t wait to see his name in lights.
Maybe he’ll still remember me.
Maybe he’ll even forgive me…

New York has all but stolen my dreams from me.
I wasn’t good enough for Broadway.
I wasn’t good enough for Jasmine.
I wasn’t good enough full stop.

So my plans changed—they had to.
And when there’s an inexplicable force driving you to perform, you catch the spotlight wherever you can.
Even if it’s in the last place you expected to find it.
My life once revolved around Jaz and dance.
Now, my life is nothing at all. It’s an embarrassment.
Thank God Jasmine isn’t here to see me like this…

Ripped is available at Amazon on Kindle Unlimited

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