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Enticed: A Rock Star Romance
(Songbird Trilogy Book 1)
I need them both. But I can only choose one.

Riley Hammond.


Despite his chiseled jaw and military uniform, he was caring and thoughtful. He supported me and made me feel beautiful again. I fell instantly.


Riley was everything I needed to heal. He made me feel safe and loved, and yet I couldn’t deny the pull I felt toward another...


Cole Michaels.


An alpha rock god, he was sex on legs and took pride in having women swoon over him as he strutted around the stage. I knew he was no good—just ask every girl he’s been with. We could never be more than friends…


At least that’s what I told myself.


His cocky attitude pushed my buttons and challenged everything I thought I knew. But beneath the bravado, I saw glimpses of a man who was as broken as me.


Polar opposites, both men have gotten under my skin.


Which one do I choose?

Songbird is available now at Amazon on Kindle Unlimited

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