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Caged: A Rock Star Romance
(Songbird Trilogy Book 2)
I made a choice.
I made a promise.

A promise to wait six months.

It should have been easy … but it wasn’t.
I’ve uncovered secrets and lies. Now, I’ve questioned the commitment we made to each other.
The distance between us grew, and cracks in the relationship started to show.

Only one person could fill the void ... my best friend.

He encouraged me to follow my heart. I want to follow my heart.

When my life was threatened, he was there to support me. But he was battling demons of his own, threatening to tear him away from the life he built.
He needs me as much as I need him.

I made a promise.
I made a choice … but was it the right one?

Caged is available now at Amazon in Kindle Unlimited

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